Danielle Becker

Broker Associate

Broker Associate


Danielle has over 12 years of experience in residential and commercial real estate in the Austin area. She is a high-energy, determined local market expert and a natural networker with an eye for aesthetics. Danielle has cultivated strong relationships with upscale home design vendors, local publishers and a wide network of talented professionals.

Integrating her ability to speak and write several languages, Danielle serves as an invaluable resource for international clients who are relocating or interested in investing in the Austin and surrounding real estate market. “If you’re coming into the U.S. real estate market from another country, the process and systems may be new or appear complex,” Danielle explains. “I’m committed to taking the time to explain how purchase and sales transactions work in Texas. I’m here to provide the support my clients need. I want them to be aware of not only the tax implications, but all of the elements we can proactively manage to put them in the strongest negotiating position.”

FOCUS: Urban, Multifamily, Investment, International Buyers

EXPERIENCE: Business Development, Marketing, Digital Strategy, Project Management, Digital Product Development, International Event Coordination, Multifamily Operations

FAVES: *Family*, travel, teaching Pilates, travel, Ladybird Lake Trail, fine art photography, goldsmithing, riding her motorcycle, foreign language, and more travel!