705 Wallingford

STATUS: Leased

705 Wallingford Bend
Austin, TX 78752

[formerly 6721 N Lamar]

705 Wallingford Exterior Front 2 (edit DSC_0891).jpg
705 Wallingford Exterior Front 2 (edit DSC_0891).jpg
6721 N Lamar DSC_0906.jpg
705 Wallingford Upstairs fr break (edit DSC_0884).jpg
705 Wallingford Upstairs Hall 2 (edit DSC_0881).jpg
705 Wallingford Upstairs Hall 1 (edit DSC_0880).jpg
705 Wallingford Updstairs Window (edit DSC_0877).jpg
705 Wallingford Upstairs Hall 3 (edit DSC_0882).jpg
705 Wallingford Upstairs Break Rm (edit DSC_0883).jpg
705 Wallingford Upstairs Deck View (edit DSC_0885).jpg
705 Wallingford Exterior Industry (edit DSC_0886).jpg
705 Wallingford Exterior Front (edit DSC_0888).jpg
6721 N Lamar Aerial.JPG

Listing Agent

Roland Galang [Broker/Owner]





Quick Facts

  • SF: 5,352 [2nd floor]
  • Availability: Call to Inquire

705 Wallingford Bend, office warehouse, is located in emerging Highland neighborhood, hugging the intersection of Crestview and Brentwood in North Austin. Comprised of characteristic warehouses and commercial buildings, Highland is a step back in time. New growth and increased public & private sector interests have been sparked by two major developments: 1) Transformation of the old Highland Mall by Austin Community College and 2) Metro Rail stop at the Crestview TOD, located at N Lamar and Airport Blvd. An emerging area, ideal creative office space for technology startups.