1604 Navasota St


1604 Navasota Street
Austin, TX 78702

KRDB Modern Home

1604 Navasota St-MLS_Size-005-1-Exterior Front 680-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
1604 Navasota St-MLS_Size-005-1-Exterior Front 680-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
1604 Navasota St-MLS_Size-001-9-Exterior Front 679-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
1604 Navasota St-MLS_Size-006-13-Family 169-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
1604 Navasota St-MLS_Size-009-2-Family 172-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
1604 Navasota St-MLS_Size-010-12-Family 173-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
1604 Navasota St-MLS_Size-013-3-Kitchen and Breakfast 467-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
1604 Navasota St-MLS_Size-014-8-Kitchen and Breakfast 468-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
1604 Navasota St-MLS_Size-020-22-Kitchen and Breakfast 474-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
1604 Navasota St-MLS_Size-019-21-Kitchen and Breakfast 473-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
1604 Navasota St-MLS_Size-017-14-Kitchen and Breakfast 471-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
1604 Navasota St-MLS_Size-018-16-Kitchen and Breakfast 472-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
1604 Navasota St-MLS_Size-015-7-Kitchen and Breakfast 469-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
1604 Navasota St-MLS_Size-016-10-Kitchen and Breakfast 470-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
1604 Navasota St-MLS_Size-012-20-Family 175-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
1604 Navasota St-MLS_Size-004-5-Exterior Front 678-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
1604 Navasota St-MLS_Size-008-17-Family 171-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
1604 Navasota St-MLS_Size-003-6-Exterior Front 677-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
1604 Navasota St-MLS_Size-007-4-Family 170-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
1604 Navasota St-MLS_Size-011-18-Family 174-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
1604 Navasota St-MLS_Size-021-19-Living Up 514-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
1604 Navasota St-MLS_Size-022-15-Living Up 515-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
1604 Navasota St-MLS_Size-023-24-Living Up 516-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
1604 Navasota St-MLS_Size-024-23-Master 390-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
1604 Navasota St-MLS_Size-025-25-Master 391-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
1604 Navasota St-MLS_Size-026-29-Master 392-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
1604 Navasota St-MLS_Size-027-26-Master 393-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
1604 Navasota St-MLS_Size-028-27-Other Beds and Baths 720-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
1604 Navasota St-MLS_Size-029-28-Other Beds and Baths 721-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
1604 Navasota St-MLS_Size-030-30-Other Beds and Baths 722-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
1604 Navasota St-MLS_Size-002-11-Exterior Front 676-1024x768-72dpi.jpg

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Single Family Home



Quick Facts

  • BED: 3
  • BATH: 2.5
  • SF: 2292

1604 Navasota is a modern creation by KRDB in the charming Swede Hill neighborhood. Bright and welcoming. Open two-story floorplan designed for comfort and ideal for entertaining. Large windows integrate interior with outdoor space. Ample built-in storage facilitates minimalist living. Fenced yard affords privacy and extends the living area. Located across from the historic Oakwood Cemetery. Convenient location: ~0.6 mile to Dell Medical Center; & UT Austin; ~0.9 mile to State Capitol; ~7.5 miles to airport. Easy access to eastside dining & entertainment spots.

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  • 1604 Navasota Flyer [download]